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Quick Links — Week 13

«Trail Prep: Training My Body and Tricking My Brain»

— Anelia Slavoff, The Trek

«When It’s a Honor to be Dead F*cking Last»

— Kathleen Evers, Trail Sisters

«A First Marathon Taught Him More Than How to Run a Race»

— Carlo Rotella, The Washington Post

«2021 Mount Marathon Women’s Race! Alaska Mountain Running»

— Run Steep Get High, YouTube

«The future of nutrition advice»

— Lisa Drayer, CNN

«‹Flying Finn› Hannes Kolehmainen: Pioneer of long distance at Olympics»

— Shemal Fernando, Sunday Observer

«Endless Loops and Shattered Records: ‹This Is Pure Ultrarunning›»

— The New York Times

«How easy should your easy runs be?»

— Laura Norris Running

Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

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