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Quick Links — Week 15

«The Science of Marathon Running»

— Kara Baskin, Tufts Now

«What Technique Is Best For Long Distance Running? | Shuffle Vs. Bounce»

— Global Triathlon Network, YouTube

«Depression to ultra running: one woman’s journey putting ‹one foot in front of the other› in life and on the trails»

— Mark Agnew, South China Morning Post

«Insight comes in waves for the long-distance runner»

— Daniel Stewart, The Irish Time

«The Story of the First World Marathon Championship»

— Roger Robinson, Outside Magazine

«How I Conquer my Negative Body Image, New York City adventures & a PR Unboxing»

— Emma Abrahamson, YouTube

«Finding consistency in running»

— Running with Marc, YouTube

«Building a Running Community: Part 1»

— Darcie Murphy, UltraRunning

«Building a Running Community: Part 2»

— Darcie Murphy, UltraRunning

«Moving On to New Trails»

— Alex Potter, iRunFar

«How Running Changed Me — Olivia Podscianski»

— Emily Shiffer, Runner’s World

Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

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