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Quick Links — Week 16

«The Science On What Variables Predict Trail Running Performance»

— David Roche, Trail Run­ner Magazine

«Runner Carolyn Su Creates Space for People of Color to Feel at Home in the Sport»

— Out­side Mag­a­zine (Spon­sored)

«Correct running foot placement: how to achieve the perfect form»

— Har­ry Bull­more, LiveScience

«What is a Hut-to-Hut Running Adventure and How Do You Plan One?»

— Mor­gan Tilton, Run­ner’s World

«Race Director Dave McGillivray Finishes Running His 50th Boston Marathon»

— CBS Boston, YouTube

«Spirit of the Marathon, Hopkinton, Massachusetts — A monument to the winner of the 1946 Boston Marathon, Greek runner Stylianos Kyriakides»

— Atlas Obscura

Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.

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