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Quick Links — Week 19

«How To Do Hard Things»

— Casey Rosen­gren, Superorganizers

«How Young Is Too Young to Run a Marathon?»

— Jonathan van Halem, Lifehacker

«World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023 awarded to Innsbruck & Stubai in Austria»

— Gary, endurance.biz

«What muscles are used for running?»

— Gem­ma Har­ris, LiveScience

«100-year-old man breaks record at Penn Relay»

— ABC News, YouTube

«What causes muscle fatigue?»

— Will McAuley, LiveScience

«What I Eat in a Day as a Runner | Intuitive Eating + Mindset Around Food»

— Emma Abra­ham­son, YouTube

«How math — and eating while running – can help you complete your best marathon»

— Cameron Cook, The Conversation

«A Beginner’s Guide to Runners’ Terminology»

— Mered­ith Dietz, Lifehacker

Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.

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