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Quick Links — Week 9

«How Ultrarunner Camille Herron Set Another World Record»

— Vic­tor Math­er, New York Times

« ‹Run to the Source› Film Premiere: Black Trail Runner Tackles River Thames FKT»

— Jil­li Cluff, GearJunkie

«Should I run twice per day? The pros and cons of double runs»

— Lau­ra Nor­ris Running

«If You Keep Getting Injured, Here are 5 Likely Reasons Why»

— Jason Fitzger­ald, Women’s Running


— Jes­si­ca Wap­n­er, The New Yorker

«Here’s How Health Advice Changed Since I Joined The Times in 1965»

— Jane Brody, The New York Times

«Is Running A Threat To Your Relationship?»

— Sarah Laven­der Smith, Trail Run­ner magazine

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