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Quick Links — Week 42

«Fol­low­ing Trails Through An Unsta­ble Future» — Astra Lin­coln, Trail­run­ner Mag­a­zine «Why I Love My Local Gear Shop (More Than Any Big-Box Store)» — Jakob Schiller, Out­side Mag­a­zine «The 9 Longest Trails In The World» — Amber Say­er, Marathon Hand­book «Fall is a great time to try trail run­ning. Here’s how to get start­ed» — David Glad­ish, The Seat­tle Times «Is Run­ning Car­dio?» — Lizzy Den­ing, Live Sci­ence «I Run With Noth­ing But Cof­fee In My Stom­ach. Is That Destroy­ing My Insides?» — Alex Bor­suk Hasenohr, Trail­run­ner Mag­a­zine «Cat Bradley | Reflec­tions On Pro­fes­sion­al Trail Run­ning» — Sin­gle­track Pod­cast, YouTube «The Sober Life» — Emi­ly Rudow Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.