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«To run is to feel your age»

Aerial photograph of a man running down a winded road.

When Beau Miles became 42, he ran 42 kilometers. Not the full length of a marathon though. So he waited 71 days longer, until he became 42.195 years old — and ran 42.195 kilometers. «To celebrate being alive». The film he has made about this run is a wonderful small masterpiece.

I’m gonna run a course that says something about my history: where my mom grew up, where my dad grew up, where I’ve grown up, where I live.

«Based on the actions of two people almost 43 years ago, I decided to run the famous distance around my district, retracing my history via schools, homes, memories and odd experiences that have shaped me, mum and dad over this marathon-chunk of time», Beau describes his decision. And so he takes us with him on a hillarious journey full of memories, laughter and curiosity. And thereby he teaches us an important lesson: that running is not only sports, it’s not only a challenge, but a wonderful possibility to experience yourself — and you surroundings.

By watching this movie you will not only learn a lot about Beau and his life, but you will also get to know why people should stop more often to go for a swing, why Beau is carrying a little tree in his backpack halfway through, and why running is such an important part of his identity. Thank you, Beau. And my belated congratulations!

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