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Quick Links — Week 25

«This Is Why They All Hate Run­ning» — Göran Win­blad, YouTube «The Desire to Quit is Nor­mal. Here’s What We Do About It.» — Steve Mag­ness, The Sci­ence of Run­ning «What pub­lic health gets wrong by focus­ing on weight» — Car­rie Den­nett, The Seat­tle Times «What real­ly mat­ters when choos­ing an ath­let­ic shoe, accord­ing to experts» — Melanie Radz­ic­ki McManus, CNN «Ready to Tack­le the Trails? Start Here» — Emi­ly Hal­non, Wom­en’s Run­ning «I’m Nev­er Going to Be Fast Again, but I’m Still in Love with Run­ning» — Cait Chock, Out­side Mag­a­zine «Apple WatchOS 9 Run­ning Pow­er Com­par­i­son & Tests!» — DC Rain­mak­er, YouTube «How Much Data Is Too Much?» — Ash­ley Mateo, Trail Run­ner Mag­a­zine Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.

Quick Links — Week 15

«The Sci­ence of Marathon Run­ning» — Kara Baskin, Tufts Now «What Tech­nique Is Best For Long Dis­tance Run­ning? | Shuf­fle Vs. Bounce» — Glob­al Triathlon Net­work, YouTube «Depres­sion to ultra run­ning: one woman’s jour­ney putting ‹one foot in front of the oth­er› in life and on the trails» — Mark Agnew, South Chi­na Morn­ing Post «Insight comes in waves for the long-dis­tance run­ner» — Daniel Stew­art, The Irish Time «The Sto­ry of the First World Marathon Cham­pi­onship» — Roger Robin­son, Out­side Mag­a­zine «How I Con­quer my Neg­a­tive Body Image, New York City adven­tures & a PR Unbox­ing» — Emma Abra­ham­son, YouTube «Find­ing con­sis­ten­cy in run­ning» — Run­ning with Marc, YouTube «Build­ing a Run­ning Com­mu­ni­ty: Part 1» — Dar­cie Mur­phy, Ultra­Run­ning  «Build­ing a Run­ning Com­mu­ni­ty: Part 2» — Dar­cie Mur­phy, Ultra­Run­ning  «Mov­ing On to New Trails» — Alex Pot­ter, iRun­Far «How Run­ning Changed Me — Olivia Pod­s­cian­s­ki» — Emi­ly Shif­fer, Run­ner’s World Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.