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Quick Links — Week 35

«Inside the Pain Cave With Ultra­run­ning Goat Court­ney Dauwal­ter» — Mirin Fad­er, The Ringer «Ryan Sandes› Ode to Fail­ure: Life Lessons from Run­ning» — Salomon TV, YouTube «The sto­ry of PAOS and the ASICS logo» — LogoArchive «700 Sum­mits & the FKT: Trail Run­ner Shares His Green Moun­tain Obses­sion» — Jil­li Cluff, Gear­Junkie «He qual­i­fied for the Boston Marathon while run­ning in prison. Now, he’s a free man with big­ger goals» — CBS Morn­ings, YouTube «Six Tips for Hill Train­ing With­out Hills» — Doni Per­ry, Trail Sis­ters «An Intro­duc­to­ry Guide to Foot Care for Run­ning» — Meghan Hicks and Bry­on Pow­ell, iRun­Far «Rep­re­sent­ing a Nation on TV, and a Run­ning Team on Insta­gram» — Kevin Drap­er, The New York Times Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.