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Quick Links — Week 11

«How to perform a trigger point massage» — Louise Bond, Live Science «Stop Trying to Become a Runner. There’s Nothing Wrong With Jogging.» — Tanner Garrity, InsideHook «Common Running Mistakes! 5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier!» — Göran Winblad, YouTube «Trail-Running: Tips to Start Strong» — Shawn Richard, The Good Men Project «Injury risk in trail running is associated with extrinsic and intrinsic factors» — Nicholas Ng Fat Hing and Avneesh Bhangu, 2 minute medicine «Running injuries don’t happen for the reasons you think – here’s the three best ways to prevent them» — The Conversation «Once And For All: Here’s How You Should Poop In The Woods» — Reagan Colyer, Trail Runner Magazine Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.