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Quick Links — Week 11

«How to perform a trigger point massage» — Louise Bond, Live Science «Stop Trying to Become a Runner. There’s Nothing Wrong With Jogging.» — Tanner Garrity, InsideHook «Common Running Mistakes! 5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier!» — Göran Winblad, YouTube «Trail-Running: Tips to Start Strong» — Shawn Richard, The Good Men Project «Injury risk in trail running is associated with extrinsic and intrinsic factors» — Nicholas Ng Fat Hing and Avneesh Bhangu, 2 minute medicine «Running injuries don’t happen for the reasons you think – here’s the three best ways to prevent them» — The Conversation «Once And For All: Here’s How You Should Poop In The Woods» — Reagan Colyer, Trail Runner Magazine Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

Quick Links — Week 8

«Why we run: 19 inspiring runners share their reasons for running» — Joe Mackie, Runner’s World UK «How to train your mental muscle» — Marley Dickinson, Canadian Running Magazine «Forever Grateful: A Profile of Emily Hawgood» — Alex Potter, iRunFar «Does sleeping burn calories?» — Kirsty Welsh, Live Science «The 4 Types of Bread the Longest-Living People on the Planet Eat Every Day» — Isadora Baum, Well+Good «Best Post-Run Recovery Tips by Community Runners» — RunSociety «How to Use Threshold Workouts in Your Training» — Laura Norris Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

A woman is running in a park.

Why exercise plays a crucial role in Covid recovery

For many people the Corona pandemic is hitting closer to home. In the last weeks I have come across a lot of Instagram posts by runners who have contracted with the virus or who are instructed to quarantine themselves. And while most people who catch the disease experience mild symptoms, many report feeling short of breath and sluggish for weeks afterward. But you all know what runners are like: they want to return to track or trail, and that sooner rather than later. I have found several articles providing tipps for your comeback after infection. First, the good news: the two go together, «exercise plays a crucial role in recovery,» as Manuela Callari writes in a piece for The Guardian: «Sleep and rest help your immune system to fight the disease but it is critical to start moving again to avoid further weakening of your body about seven days after the major symptoms have disappeared.»