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«Running is about finding joy in the journey»

In the world of run­ning, trends come and go, but some have the pow­er to shape the future of the sport. From the grow­ing focus on recov­ery and self-care to the con­tro­ver­sial debate around trail run­ning and mega events, there is no short­age of top­ics to explore. In this inter­view with Chat­G­PT*, a cut­ting-edge AI lan­guage mod­el, we delve into the lat­est trends and hot-but­ton issues in run­ning, and dis­cuss the poten­tial impact of tech­nol­o­gy on per­for­mance opti­miza­tion. But beyond the data and ana­lyt­ics, we also touch on a more fun­da­men­tal ques­tion: what does it mean to find joy in run­ning, and how can we strike a bal­ance between the pur­suit of excel­lence and the intrin­sic val­ue of the sport? Join us on this thought-pro­vok­ing jour­ney into the heart of run­ning, and dis­cov­er what the future might hold for this endur­ing passion.

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Only assholes do that

As I step out into the chilly air, I can feel the weight of the past year bear­ing down on my shoul­ders. My Achilles ten­don still aches, a con­stant reminder of the injury that has slowed me down for so long. And yet, despite the pain and the set­backs, I lace up my shoes and begin to run. It’s the first day of a new year, and I am deter­mined to make it a suc­cess­ful one.

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Quick Links — Week 45

«This queer runner just made history, and knows how to rock a harness»

— Dan Trac­er, Queerty

«9 Tasty Protein Powder Recipes To Boost Your Protein Intake»

— Amber Say­er, Marathon Handbook

«Runner Krissy Moehl On How to Embrace Getting Older»

— Jen­nifer Kuhns, Wom­en’s Running

«Running 55km for a Photo — Trail Running in Mount Assiniboine»

— Simon Ennals, YouTube

« ‹An inordinate impact›: climate crisis leaves its footprint on trail running»

— Jo Khan, The Guardian

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Quick Links — Week 43

«NNormal Kjerag Full Review — Kilian Jornets trail running shoe»

— Run­ning with Marc, YouTube

« ‹Push the boundaries›: Australian ultrarunner on pace to break daily marathon world record»

— Don­na Lu, The Guardian

«I just ran my first marathon. Here are the 20 products that got me through my training»

— Jil­lian Tra­cy, CNN

«What Love Has to Do With Running After 50»

— Sarah Humphrey, Trail Sisters

«For Ukrainian Runners, a Brutal Race Made Sense When Little Else Did»

— Jared Beasley, The New York Times

«How to Make Your Own Energy Gels»

— Becky Wade, Out­side Magazine 

«Present — Rediscovering the joy of running»

— Suun­to, YouTube

«Running doesn’t wreck your knees. It strengthens them.»

— Gretchen Reynolds, The Wash­ing­ton Post 

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Quick Links — Week 42

«Following Trails Through An Unstable Future»

— Astra Lin­coln, Trail­run­ner Magazine

«Why I Love My Local Gear Shop (More Than Any Big-Box Store)»

— Jakob Schiller, Out­side Magazine

«The 9 Longest Trails In The World»

— Amber Say­er, Marathon Handbook

«Fall is a great time to try trail running. Here’s how to get started»

— David Glad­ish, The Seat­tle Times

«Is Running Cardio?»

— Lizzy Den­ing, Live Science

«I Run With Nothing But Coffee In My Stomach. Is That Destroying My Insides?»

— Alex Bor­suk Hasenohr, Trail­run­ner Magazine

«Cat Bradley | Reflections On Professional Trail Running»

— Sin­gle­track Pod­cast, YouTube

«The Sober Life»

— Emi­ly Rudow

Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.