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Quick Links — Week 18

«Trail Running Might Be the Secret to Happiness – Here’s How You Can Maximize It.» — Trail Runner Magazine «Endurance Runner Completes 102 Marathons in 102 Days, Setting an Unofficial Women’s Record» — William J. Kole and Ross D. Franklin, Time Magazine «6 Clever Running Hacks That Will Make You Faster» — Coach Parry, YouTube «Even Small Amounts of Exercise Can Hugely Benefit Your Mental Health» — Malissa Rodenburg, Women’s Running «How protein powder is made» — Rosee Woodland, LiveScience «Women And Ultrarunning: Why Women Make Awesome Ultra Runners» — Katelyn Tocci, Marathon Handbook «Should you exercise if you’re sick?» — Ashley Hamer, LiveScience Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

Quick Links — Week 17

«Running and the Science of Mental Toughness» — Mariska van Sprundel, The MIT Press «A Runner’s Adventure in Antarctic» — Sandy Lam, Trail Sisters «He Ran Marathons in Prison. Boston’s Was Easier.» — Patricia Leigh Brown, The New York Times «Ultrarunner vs. Tesla – Running 242 Miles» — Nick Bare, YouTube «Running Is a Metaphor. Until You Hurt Your Foot» — Brendan Leonard, Outside Magazine «The Best Running Dogs: 8 Best Breeds For Running Companions» — Amber Sayer, Marathon Handbook «Getting to Know a Trail Ultramarathon Course» — Bryon Powell, iRunFar Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

Quick Links — Week 14

«Running The World’s Slipperiest MARATHON On PURE ICE!» — Göran Winblad, YouTube «Updated Start Lists Announced for 126th Boston Marathon, B.A.A. 5K, and B.A.A. Invitational Mile» — Boston Athletic Association «Staying hydrated may reduce the risk of heart failure» — Rachael Rettner, Live Science «Why Tom Evans is looking forward to a challenge in the Himalayas» — Shail Desai, Red Bull Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

A woman seen from behind is running in a park.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on runners around the world

You probably have experienced it yourself, or you may have read headlines like this one: «Running is enjoying a boom because of the coronavirus pandemic». And yes, it’s true. Gyms were closed. Spin classes and boot camps had been canceled. People were stuck at home for most of the day for a long time. So running has seen a boom during the coronavirus pandemic. But what about the overall statistics? Did people run more during the pandemic?

Quick Links — Week 12

«Kilian Jornet’s Next Quest: Co-Founding the New Brand NNormal» — Sam Anderson, iRunFar «Building a running media company from the ground up — Dylan Bowman» — The Ginger Runner, YouToube «Alone Together — Marcos Ferro Runs Across the Peruvian Andes» — Salomon TV, YouTube «We put Lululemon’s first-ever running shoe to the test — here’s how it held up» — Marissa Miller, CNN «Inside the UTMB World Series and the ‹Ironmanisation› of trail running» — Michael Long, SportsPro «A Trail Runner’s Guide to Caring for the Trails» — Meghan Hicks and Bryon Powell, iRunFar «Running the UK’s hardest 100 mile race | Arc of Attrition 2022» — Ben Parkes, YouTube «Jasmin Paris talks about the Barkley Marathons» — Rick Pearson, Runner’s World «Woman Returns To Run Boston Marathon 50 Years After Running In The First Official Women’s Field» — CBS Boston, YouTube «Jasmin Paris: The elite long-distance runner who sets records while breastfeeding» — Matt Dickinson, The Times «What All Runners Can Learn from Dathan Ritzenhein’s Coaching» — Molly Hanson, Outside Magazine «Molly Seidel: How …