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Aerial photograph of a man running down a winded road.

«To run is to feel your age»

When Beau Miles became 42, he ran 42 kilometers. Not the full length of a marathon though. So he waited 71 days longer, until he became 42.195 years old — and ran 42.195 kilometers. «To celebrate being alive». The film he has made about this run is a wonderful small masterpiece. I’m gonna run a course that says something about my history: where my mom grew up, where my dad grew up, where I’ve grown up, where I live. «Based on the actions of two people almost 43 years ago, I decided to run the famous distance around my district, retracing my history via schools, homes, memories and odd experiences that have shaped me, mum and dad over this marathon-chunk of time», Beau describes his decision. And so he takes us with him on a hillarious journey full of memories, laughter and curiosity. And thereby he teaches us an important lesson: that running is not only sports, it’s not only a challenge, but a wonderful possibility to experience yourself — and you surroundings. By watching …

Eliud Kipchoge running the 2018 London Marathon.

«I have zero understanding how a human being can move that quick, that long»

Eliud Kipchoge recently won the Tokyo Marathon in 2:02:40, not much slower than his current world record for the fastest marathon ever, set during the Berlin Marathon in 2018 with a time of 2:01:39. But what does that time mean? Mark Lewis, who describes himself as an average runner who is «not too bad» at any distance, thought about this question a little longer. «It’s a 2 minute 54 per km pace for 42 km; stupidly quick,» he says. But: «I can’t comprehend what he’s doing, not properly.»

A Momumental Journey

To protect your personal data, your connection to YouTube has been blocked.Click on Load video to unblock YouTube.By loading the video you accept the privacy policy of YouTube.More information about YouTube’s privacy policy can be found here Google – Privacy & Terms. Do not block YouTube videos in the future anymore. Load video The «Lon Las Cymru ultra» is a 250 mile non-stop race from Holyhead to Cardiff Bay down the centre of Wales crossing several mountain ranges. It‘s possibly the longest non-stop road ultra in the UK. This film is the story about Gordon Hughes and Vic Owens as they attempt to run this race in under 88 hours in October 2021. It is, as one of the comments said, a momumental journey by some monumental people.