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A woman seen from behind is running in a park.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on runners around the world

You probably have experienced it yourself, or you may have read headlines like this one: «Running is enjoying a boom because of the coronavirus pandemic». And yes, it’s true. Gyms were closed. Spin classes and boot camps had been canceled. People were stuck at home for most of the day for a long time. So running has seen a boom during the coronavirus pandemic. But what about the overall statistics? Did people run more during the pandemic?

Woman eating french fries.

The Palatability Theory

There are clear and unanimous figures that obesity has increased over time, especially in rich nations like the United States. On average people today weigh more and have higher body fat percentages than their recent ancestors at similar ages. But why is that the case? One widespread assumption is the palatability theory. It posits that the primary cause is an increase in reward signals in the modern environment from processed food, mediated by the motivation system in the brain, causing us to overeat.

People sitting in a coffee bar.

Protective Effects against Asthma

I was just having my first cup of coffee in the morning, when an article on popped up in my feed reader. As an asthmatic and coffee enthusiast it naturally caught my attention. It reports about a study by medical professionals from Korea’s Hallym University, Hanyang University, and Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, with research finding that moderate coffee consumption can lower the frequency of symptoms associated with asthma.