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Quick Links — Week 43

«NNor­mal Kjer­ag Full Review — Kil­ian Jor­nets trail run­ning shoe» — Run­ning with Marc, YouTube « ‹Push the bound­aries›: Aus­tralian ultra­run­ner on pace to break dai­ly marathon world record» — Don­na Lu, The Guardian «I just ran my first marathon. Here are the 20 prod­ucts that got me through my train­ing» — Jil­lian Tra­cy, CNN «What Love Has to Do With Run­ning After 50» — Sarah Humphrey, Trail Sis­ters «For Ukrain­ian Run­ners, a Bru­tal Race Made Sense When Lit­tle Else Did» — Jared Beasley, The New York Times «How to Make Your Own Ener­gy Gels» — Becky Wade, Out­side Mag­a­zine  «Present — Redis­cov­er­ing the joy of run­ning» — Suun­to, YouTube «Run­ning doesn’t wreck your knees. It strength­ens them.» — Gretchen Reynolds, The Wash­ing­ton Post  Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.

Aerial photograph of a man running down a winded road.

«To run is to feel your age»

When Beau Miles became 42, he ran 42 kilo­me­ters. Not the full length of a marathon though. So he wait­ed 71 days longer, until he became 42.195 years old — and ran 42.195 kilo­me­ters. «To cel­e­brate being alive». The film he has made about this run is a won­der­ful small masterpiece.

Quick Links — Week 12

«Kil­ian Jornet’s Next Quest: Co-Found­ing the New Brand NNor­mal» — Sam Ander­son, iRun­Far «Build­ing a run­ning media com­pa­ny from the ground up — Dylan Bow­man» — The Gin­ger Run­ner, YouToube «Alone Togeth­er — Mar­cos Fer­ro Runs Across the Peru­vian Andes» — Salomon TV, YouTube «We put Lululemon’s first-ever run­ning shoe to the test — here’s how it held up» — Maris­sa Miller, CNN «Inside the UTMB World Series and the ‹Iron­man­i­sa­tion› of trail run­ning» — Michael Long, Sport­sPro «A Trail Runner’s Guide to Car­ing for the Trails» — Meghan Hicks and Bry­on Pow­ell, iRun­Far «Run­ning the UK’s hard­est 100 mile race | Arc of Attri­tion 2022» — Ben Parkes, YouTube «Jas­min Paris talks about the Barkley Marathons» — Rick Pear­son, Run­ner’s World «Woman Returns To Run Boston Marathon 50 Years After Run­ning In The First Offi­cial Women’s Field» — CBS Boston, YouTube «Jas­min Paris: The elite long-dis­tance run­ner who sets records while breast­feed­ing» — Matt Dick­in­son, The Times «What All Run­ners Can Learn from Dathan Ritzenhein’s Coach­ing» — Mol­ly Han­son, Out­side Mag­a­zine «Mol­ly Sei­del: How dis­tance run­ner overcame …

Eliud Kipchoge running the 2018 London Marathon.

«I have zero understanding how a human being can move that quick, that long»

Eli­ud Kip­choge recent­ly won the Tokyo Marathon in 2:02:40, not much slow­er than his cur­rent world record for the fastest marathon ever, set dur­ing the Berlin Marathon in 2018 with a time of 2:01:39. But what does that time mean? Mark Lewis, who describes him­self as an aver­age run­ner who is «not too bad» at any dis­tance, thought about this ques­tion a lit­tle longer. «It’s a 2 minute 54 per km pace for 42 km; stu­pid­ly quick,» he says. But: «I can’t com­pre­hend what he’s doing, not properly.»

A Momumental Journey

To pro­tect your per­son­al data, your con­nec­tion to YouTube has been blocked.Click on Load video to unblock YouTube.By load­ing the video you accept the pri­va­cy pol­i­cy of YouTube.More infor­ma­tion about YouTube’s pri­va­cy pol­i­cy can be found here Google — Pri­va­cy & Terms. Do not block YouTube videos in the future any­more. Load video The «Lon Las Cym­ru ultra» is a 250 mile non-stop race from Holy­head to Cardiff Bay down the cen­tre of Wales cross­ing sev­er­al moun­tain ranges. It‘s pos­si­bly the longest non-stop road ultra in the UK. This film is the sto­ry about Gor­don Hugh­es and Vic Owens as they attempt to run this race in under 88 hours in Octo­ber 2021. It is, as one of the com­ments said, a momu­men­tal jour­ney by some mon­u­men­tal people.