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Quick Links — Week 12

«Kilian Jornet’s Next Quest: Co-Founding the New Brand NNormal»

— Sam Anderson, iRunFar

«Building a running media company from the ground up — Dylan Bowman»

— The Ginger Runner, YouToube

«Alone Together — Marcos Ferro Runs Across the Peruvian Andes»

— Salomon TV, YouTube

«We put Lululemon’s first-ever running shoe to the test — here’s how it held up»

— Marissa Miller, CNN

«Inside the UTMB World Series and the ‹Ironmanisation› of trail running»

— Michael Long, SportsPro

«A Trail Runner’s Guide to Caring for the Trails»

— Meghan Hicks and Bryon Powell, iRunFar

«Running the UK’s hardest 100 mile race | Arc of Attrition 2022»

— Ben Parkes, YouTube

«Jasmin Paris talks about the Barkley Marathons»

— Rick Pearson, Runner’s World

«Woman Returns To Run Boston Marathon 50 Years After Running In The First Official Women’s Field»

— CBS Boston, YouTube

«Jasmin Paris: The elite long-distance runner who sets records while breastfeeding»

— Matt Dickinson, The Times

«What All Runners Can Learn from Dathan Ritzenhein’s Coaching»

— Molly Hanson, Outside Magazine

«Molly Seidel: How distance runner overcame ‘imposter syndrome’ and ‘blew away’ her expectations in the marathon»

— George Ramsay, CNN

«Garmin Venu 2 Plus review»

— Andrew Williams, Live Science

«Which Music Makes You Run Faster, According to Science»

— The Running Channel, YouTube

«How Does Long-Distance Running Make You a Better Humanitarian?»

— Jennifer Clark, Christianity Today

Quick Links are usually added once a week to this blog and cover every topic possible.

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