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Quick Links — Week 20

«Hike Clerb is Mak­ing the Out­doors a More Inclusive—and Stylish—Space» — Kai­lyn Brown, High­sno­bi­ety «The Sci­ence Of Down­hill Run­ning» — David Roche, Trail Run­ner Mag­a­zine «I’m a run­ner, and I’ve just joined Stra­va. I regret it» — Matt Evans, Techradar «Pre­vent Race Fatigue With This Work­out!» — The Run­ning Chan­nel, YouTube «Age no bar­ri­er: how Jo Schoonbroodt smashed the 70+ marathon record» — Sean Ingle, The Guardian «How Stra­va Fame Became a Bur­den for Mol­ly Sei­del» — Mar­tin Fritz Huber, Out­side Mag­a­zine Quick Links are usu­al­ly added once a week to this blog and cov­er every top­ic possible.

A hiker is standing on a trail in the mountains.

The North Face is looking for «driven athletes» for their development program

A lot of sports and out­door com­pa­nies have built up team­like communities—like Asics’ Fron­tRun­ners or On’s Run­ning Crew. Most of them sup­port their mem­bers with events or gear and excpect them to be brand ambas­sadors in return. The North Face now has set up such a pro­gramm too, which, how­ev­er, has a slight­ly dif­fer­ent focus.

Auf einem Smartphone ist die App »Snapchat« geöffnet

Die Snapchat-Falle

Uns Jour­nal­is­ten muss man ja nur oft genug sagen, irgend­was werde Trend und wenn wir nicht dabei seien, gin­gen wir unter — und schon fan­gen wir an es zu glauben und hek­tisch zu reagieren. 2016 also Snapchat. Doch ist das alles wirk­lich so ein­fach? Und wer­den 2016 wirk­lich alle Medi­en snappen?